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Recent Articles

How to Learn American Sign Language Online?

Sign language is not only restricted to people who are deaf and dumb. Normal people who can hear and speak can also learn this language as it can be useful for them in many ways. Sign languages were usually developed as a mode of communication for people who cannot hear or talk. It is also a new trend in communication as it can be very helpful if you want to communicate with deaf and dumb people. Read More...

Sign Language – An Incredible Language for Children

Learning sign language has become very common as it is one of the most popular languages in America. Nowadays most of the schools have made it compulsory for every child whether they are able to hear and speak or not to learn this language. This is not only helpful for grownups but is also beneficial for young children in various ways. Children are able to learn quickly as compared to adults ther Read More...

DU's Study Tip 8: HOW TO MEMORIZE (PART 2)

DU's Study Tip 8: HOW TO MEMORIZE (PART 2) Memory is the most important tool of learning. Even when you're being spontaneous and creative, you're probably utilizing your memory. Let's look at another way to improve your memory. TIP EIGHT: HOW TO MEMORIZE (PART 2) Use mnemonic techniques (such as “Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit” and “FACE” in music). Making little jingles and acronyms is a power Read More...

DU's Study Tip 7: HOW TO MEMORIZE (PART 1)

DU's Study Tip 7: HOW TO MEMORIZE (PART 1) Memorizing has three main aspects, each of which is covered in this course: 1. Storing the information in your memory (e.g. by natural or aided memory systems) 2. Making sure the information stays there (e.g. by repeated revision) 3. Retrieving the information when you need it (e.g. by memory maps and practice exams for triggers). Let's start thinking a Read More...

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